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I believe in mermaids and I don't have a degree.

My name is Yasmim Seadi. I’ve always dreamed about studying biology in college to be able to engage in oceanography, because I do believe in mermaids and would like to prove their existence. However, after trying Fashion, Design, Psychology and Multimedia Production in college, I realized that I didn't like the current education method, so I decided to study on my own at home. Today, I am a UX designer and I love to read about it, as well as accessibility, technology, trend forecasting & futurism.

I always loved taking pictures. I've been studying since I was 13, when I've owned a Nikon D90. You can find some pictures on my Flickr account, and, since we're in 2020, you can also follow me on Instagram.

I am a big fan of Harry Potter and could spend a whole day talking about it. The same goes for religion, Skyrim, wicca, Beyoncé, fashion, Gabrielle Chanel, anthropology, astrology, human behaviour, feminism, witches, conspiracy theories, World War II and mermaids – I will love to talk about ANYTHING, ANYTIME ♡

I love music. My favourite artists are Maria Gadú, Rihanna, Evanescence, Daniel Caesar, Behemoth, and Beyoncé. You can find me on Last.fm, listen to one of my playlists on Spotify or listen to my covers on Soundcloud.

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People call me observant. That's not particularly true. I'm not more observant than any other human being. People are just so easy to read – we bleed emotions even in the way we drink our coffee. No one seems to notice though, because they're all too busy drinking their own damn coffee.


I love to be challenged and to learn new things. My top skills are:



UX design

Web design

Futurism & new technologies

Human behavior


I always loved the unknown and different things. I believe we all have something to add in the world and that we all have a purpose.


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